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About Relationship Counselling

A good space to talk

  • The counselling that I provide creates a safe and neutral space to talk about anything that concerns you.
  • I can help you to talk about difficult issues that become hard to discuss at home. I find that many people value speaking to someone who is outside of the situation and will not judge or take sides.
  • Counselling can enable you to talk more easily. In couple and family counselling, you can hear better what the other person has to say.
    "What is necessary to change a person is to change his awareness of himself."
    Abraham Maslow

    Understanding and making changes
    The conversation will aim to broaden your understanding of what is important to you in your relationships.
    We will look at what is happening in your life at the moment and make connections to ideas and experiences from different times in your life such as:
  • When you were growing up
  • Previous relationship experiences
  • Incidents and patterns in this relationship
  • Other influences in your life at the moment
  • Your hopes for the future

    Understanding produces ideas of how to make helpful changes.
    It provides an opportunity to experiment with different, more preferred, ways of being.

    What Conditions Can it Help?
    For yourself
    As an individual you may want to come on your own to work with any of your relationship concerns.
    This could be:
  • From the past or the present or about your future hopes
  • To work out what's important to you, what you value most in life
  • About your relationship with any significant, influencial people in your life such as partners, family, friends, or colleagues
  • It might be about a particular incident or a repeating pattern you've noticed in your relationships

    For your couple relationship
    In couples counselling, this approach is helpful for a variety of problems which could include:
  • Communication problems
  • Arguments and rows
  • An affair
  • Feeling unsatisfied in the relationship
  • Sex and intimacy difficulties
  • You or your partner experiencing depression
  • Health problems
  • Difficult changes in your life
  • Separation and divorce

    For your family relationships
    Family counselling can help you communicate better together and manage changes in the family.
    This could be:
  • Difficulties in getting along well together
  • Separation and divorce
  • The loss of a family member
  • Different life stages
  • Significant life events such as redundancy or health problems

    Relationship counselling is not suitable for situations where there is on-going Domestic Abuse.

    The number of sessions
    The number of sessions can vary depending on the concern but the average number of sessions is around 6 to 8.
    These are normally weekly initially so you can expect the counselling to be over 2 to 4 months.

    Individuals, couples and families are all charged the same rate of £55 per 50 minute session. I ask that sessions are paid in advance.
    I am offering to reduce my fee to £35 per session for those severely financially impacted by the pandemic and cost of living rises.

    Appointments are available on weekday daytimes and evenings.
    My main working days are Monday, Wednesday and Thursday.

    What Benefits can be Expected?
  • It can be very challenging facing concerns at first but many clients also experience relief that they are starting to address difficulties.
  • Relationship counselling gives you a golden opportunity to take a careful look at what's happening so that new choices can be made.
  • Real changes occur when these new understandings are combined with trying out different ways of being in your important relationships.
  • Changes could be about: how you plan your time; ways of communicating and showing love to each other; how to feel closer to one another; how to solve problems together; and making some decisions on big issues.

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